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Entering into a commercial lease is a serious matter for both the Landlord and the Tenant. Once you enter into a lease, you are legally bound by it, therefore it is important to seek proper legal advice from expert solicitors.

Whether you’re entering into a new lease or taking an assignment of an existing lease, our solicitors will advise you and help you successfully negotiate and secure a business lease which protects your business interests.

Our aim is to build a long term relationship with you and therefore we aim to understand your needs and requirements and make sure you are regularly updated on the progress of your business matter.

We will provide advice on the terms and obligations contained within the lease before you sign it. Furthermore, we will look to make sure that you are aware of any terms within the lease which may restrict you from running your business your way. 

The most common lease terms that require attention, include, but are not limited to:

  • Rent & Non-Payment of Rent
  • Rent Reviews
  • Planning & Permitted Use
  • Licences for Alterations & Assignment
  • Statutory Lease Renewals
  • Break Clauses
  • Surrender
  • Forfeiture

Purchasing a Business

If you are purchasing a business at the same time as acquiring a lease, we can assist you with the purchase and ensure that both matters complete at the same time or at a time of your choosing.


We provide a Fixed Fee Option on all Commercial Lease matters. We can agree our fees during the initial consultation stage, ensuring there are no surprise costs or additional fees. (Fixed costs cover legal fees – not Disbursements)

Commercial Lease Disputes:

Are you in a dispute with your Landlord or Tenant over an existing commercial lease? Call us today and our solicitors will be happy to assist you in a quick and cost efficient manner.

Let us help you today. Call us on 0161 660 1505 for a free 30-minute consultation with our solicitors or e-mail us at Alternatively you can click on the CALL BACK or CHAT NOW buttons at the bottom right of your screen for a free, no-obligation and confidential discussion about your property.

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